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Ultra hydrating anti-pollution skin defense mist
Apply 2-3 dosage both after washing and several times during the day.
Anti UV
Anti Radiation
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Moisturizing sun protecting fluid

NEW Discover GLO pH – Skin Repair

bdr Skin Repair Startwe Set (1 Set) :
Re-move pH - 30ml
Re-action Tonic - 30ml
Re-action Deep 10% - 10ml
Re-charge - 10m
Re-vital pH - 15m

Re-action Deep 10%

low base skin refiner exfoliation essence
2-3 times a week in the evenings, after cleansing. Leave on for 15 minutes.
Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and dry before applying serums, moisturizers and/or masks.

IMPORTANT: if this is the first time using this product please read the “contraindication” section before using this product.

Stretch Lift Mask

1 Box (10 pcs)
The special shape of the mask supports the long-lasting lifting effect for fresh, radiant and youthful skin.

Bio Cell Mask

1 Box (10 pcs)
Smooths Wrinkles, Balances Tension Effects and Gives the skin a visibly Firm and Elastic Appearance.

4D Laser Effect Mask peptide complex face mask - 4 pcs

1 Box (4 pcs)
Cell activating

Re-fresh Gel Mask Face

1 Box (5 pcs)
Re-fresh Gel Mask is your totally unique skin care experience with long lingering effects.

Re-set 4D

4 dimensional age-repair code
12 ml
For All Skin Type
Repairs fine lines around eyes
Reduces puffiness and dark circles
Rejuvenates cells
Retains moisture & promote elasticity

Re-vital PH

Pure harmony care soothing skin optimizer
50 ml
Normal to Oily, Sensitive, Allergic, Acne skin
Re-vital PH is the multi-function emulsion for treating redness, blemishes, oily skin and acne, anti-ageing effect.
Recommended as a day or night cream for people of all ages.


Balance care intense age control
50 ml
Normal to Dry
In spite of its richness, the cream is beautifully light and silky, and is quickly absorbed, making it an ideal make-up base. Re-vital is suitable as a day or night cream.

Re-lax 3

Multiple level serum highly-potential youth elixir
30 ml
For All Skin Type
wrinkle reduction
Skin aging processes are impressively smoothed with lasting results
Apply morning and evening after cleansing for a renewed, radiant skin