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Re-action EP - even & perfect tranexamic acid brightening essence

❤︎   The tranexamic acid brightening essence
❤︎   Reduction of pigmentation spots and redness
❤︎   Lightening and equalization of the entire skin tone – even in cases of rosacea
❤︎   Minimization of the reappearance of pigmentation spots (with continuous use)
❤︎     Anti-inflammatory, calming and antioxidant effect
❤︎   Ideal complement to chemical peels
❤︎   Step 2 skin preparation
❤︎   30ml/1.01fl oz

Re-vital EP - even & perfect brightening cream

❤︎   The skin brightening cream
❤︎   Support EP even & perfect effect of matching
❤︎   Products for fast and powerful skin whitening
❤︎   Reduction of age spots and chloasma
❤︎     Improvement of the clarity and radiance of the skin tone
❤︎   Optimal care and protection in a skin-friendly formulation
❤︎   Step 5
❤︎   50ml/1.7fl oz

Perfect your brightening skincare routine with the Re-vital EP cream. A light weight cream with a delicate scent of cherry blossom and white tea.

Brilliant EP - even & perfect brightening serum

❤︎   The multifunctional skin brightening serum
❤︎   Reduction of hyperpigmentation e.g. age spots or chloasmae
❤︎   Inhibition of re-pigmentation
❤︎   Repair of UV damage (keratinization and photo-aging)
❤︎    Stimulation of the skin‘s own collagen synthesis » improvement of skin elasticity
❤︎   Reducing skin redness and promoting healing
❤︎   Step 4 Moisture
❤︎   30ml/1.01fl oz

The skin brightening serum Brilliant EP combats on various levels both hyperpigmentation and redness. Its effective formula corrects skin tone, makes age spots disappear, strengthens skin texture and restores radiance to dull, blemished skin.

Hand Cream EP - even & perfect hand care

❤︎   Reduction and prevention of excessive pigmentation
❤︎   Visible and palpable repair of cracked nail beds and nail care
❤︎   Intensive increase in collagen density for wrinkle-free smooth skin
❤︎   Nourishes, repairs, and protects
❤︎   Gentle unisex fragrance
❤︎   Leaves no greasy film
❤︎   For All Skin Type
❤︎   60 ml