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Far-infrared ray and patented gold sheet mask
Enhance moisturizing power, Even out skin tone, Improve elasticity, Soothe the skin.
Provide moisturization, resilience, soothing, density, and tone improvement to the skin through the easily absorbed far-infrared radiation.
Different skin condition each day, different far-infrared radiation care each day
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Good Vibes E-Mask

Interactive mask with massage effect

Stimulates gentle drainage / Promotes cell metabolism / Prevents premature loss of elasticity and wrinkles / Massages facial muscles / Seals and improves active substance / Absorption

Lay of Light LED E-Mask

Enhances collagen production / Tightens pores / Strengthens the skin’s metabolism
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Calming Light

Anti-bacterial / Activate seratonic / Calming / Anti-inflammatory All skin types
Skin in need of regeneration All skin types
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Detox Touch

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Brushabrasion (Micropeel and Profipeel) bdr's patented dermabrasion system that is crystal free, gentler and more effective.
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Derma Lift

Microstimulation (Stimulation XL) noninvasive stimulation reduces fines lines, wrinkles and acne scars.
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bdr COMPLETE COMPACT smart system features an extremely easy to use, innovative touch panel with a wide variety of applications. The Profipeel dermabrasion handpiece ensures fantastically smooth skin with a gentle peel. Two distinctive stimulation handpieces, XL and XS, feature highly effective microstimulation for firm, smooth skin with a youthful and fresh complexion.
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Ultra hydrating anti-pollution skin defense mist

Ultra hydrating anti-pollution skin defense mist