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Far-infrared ray and patented gold sheet mask
Enhance moisturizing power, Even out skin tone, Improve elasticity, Soothe the skin.
Provide moisturization, resilience, soothing, density, and tone improvement to the skin through the easily absorbed far-infrared radiation.
Different skin condition each day, different far-infrared radiation care each day
$1,199.99 $1,500.00

Stretch Lift Mask

1 Box (10 pcs)
The special shape of the mask supports the long-lasting lifting effect for fresh, radiant and youthful skin.

Bio Cell Mask

1 Box (10 pcs)
Smooths Wrinkles, Balances Tension Effects and Gives the skin a visibly Firm and Elastic Appearance.

4D Laser Effect Mask peptide complex face mask - 4 pcs

1 Box (4 pcs)
peptide complex face mask Cell activating

Re-fresh Gel Mask Face

1 Box (5 pcs)
Re-fresh Gel Mask is your totally unique skin care experience with long lingering effects.

Good Vibes E-Mask

Interactive mask with massage effect

Stimulates gentle drainage / Promotes cell metabolism / Prevents premature loss of elasticity and wrinkles / Massages facial muscles / Seals and improves active substance / Absorption

Lay of Light LED E-Mask

Enhances collagen production / Tightens pores / Strengthens the skin’s metabolism
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