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Re-construct - 3ml / 0.10 fl oz

3ml / 0.10 fl oz
Enriched nourishing formula
Intensive PowerCell Complex with restructuring effect
Normal to Dry
Improves cell communication & stem cell function
Balances extremely dry
Age reversa
$10.00 $13.00


Ultra hydrating anti-pollution skin defense mist
Apply 2-3 dosage both after washing and several times during the day.
Anti UV
Anti Radiation


Moisturizing sun protecting fluid

NEW Discover GLO- Anti aging

bdr Skin Repair Startwe Set (1 Set) :
Re-move - 30ml
Re-action Natural 10% - 10ml
Re-charge N - 10ml
Re-lax 3 - 10m
Re-vital - 15m

NEW Discover GLO pH – Skin Repair

bdr Skin Repair Startwe Set (1 Set) :
Re-move pH - 30ml
Re-action Tonic - 30ml
Re-action Deep 10% - 10ml
Re-charge - 10m
Re-vital pH - 15m

Re-action Deep 10%

low base skin refiner exfoliation essence
2-3 times a week in the evenings, after cleansing. Leave on for 15 minutes.
Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and dry before applying serums, moisturizers and/or masks.

IMPORTANT: if this is the first time using this product please read the “contraindication” section before using this product.