When using any product containing AHAs or BHAs including glycolic acids, lactic acids, citric acids and salicylic acids, it is highly suggested that you get a consultation with a skin care professional to know what tolerances and sensitivities your skin might have to certain ingredients.

Feel free to contact info@bdrbeauty.com for a list of bdr skincare specialists near you.

In addition, if you have used isotretinoin, recently had plastic surgery, fillers and/or injections, chemical peeling, RF therapy, any type Laser Treatments, have a history of radiation to the treated area, have active herpes simplex or active infection, waxed or shaved the treated areas, used Retin A or similar medication, benzoyl peroxide or any other health or skin concerns, we recommend you speak with your dermatologist and/or skincare specialist before using this product.

When using this product, make sure to use sunscreen of atleast 30 spf before exposure to any sunlight.